Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/24/2009) Various Formats

Various formats I would need to use for my portfolio in order from the most needed to the least need.

Personal Website: I think this is a must for any artist who wants exposure and to find a job. Since more and more people are going to the internet to find what they need. And viewing a website is easier and faster then going trough a handmade portfolio that can be badly formatted. The site can express a person's personality with color and font choice. The site can be interactive yet informative.

DVD: This would be the best format for me to take my portfolio around and show to people since I'm a 3D animator and DVDs are perfect for showing the animation. It can also have slide shows and or videos of behind the scene work. DVDs are easy to create and make duplicates of and DVDs are getting cheaper and contains enough space for the work.

CD: Another option from DVDs but contains less space, so high quality video cannot be in there and also CD would not work on DVD players unless formatted in a way to work with them. CD are mainly use for showing another person a couple of works as a sample were as the DVD can show the same thing but at a much higher quality.

Email: A quick but less professional way of showing someone their portfolio. There is a downside to using emails, most email services would not let you send large attachments so if your sending a pdf with all your work, we would have to send a copy with a low quality setting just so we can send it. It would be pixelated and it would not express the work very well when text on images becomes very blurred. Another is the person your emailing might have your email marked as spam and you will not know that it was marked as spam.

Laptop: A good way to show other people their work but if showing multiple people, looking at a small screen can make it hard for some to see at a distance. By having a laptop you can show the original files used to create the work, like in photoshop showing all the layers used, or in Maya showing the 3D models/animation. It is also possible to connect the laptop to a projector to show a presentation or show their work inside and out but this will only work if they have a projector ready to be use. Carrying a laptop around might be a bit heavy when you have to carry all the equipment needed to show the work. A good thing about laptops is that you do not have to rely on the person your showing the work to to have the required programs.

Mini CD: I have never seen this media being applied in many things. The only one I know that used it was Nintendo when the Nintendo GameCube was out, the system did not have a full size CD reader and required the used of mini CDs. Mini CDs is double the disc space of a CD at a smaller physical size. The downside is that not every player can play it. DVDs are better since it is the same physical size as a CD but contains more disc space.

Zip Disks: I have never seen anyone using a zip disk. And I find using USB flash drive or external hard drive better but your not going to give a client your USB flash drive so a DVD is much more practical.

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