Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/19/2009) Unifying Element & Documentation


The unifying element I see in my work is that I have stuff using different mediums. But that is because of the way DMA major is design. Since I'm a 3D animator, I'm focusing on 3D animation and the things involved with it. 3D modeling, texturing, animating, storyboards, and audio. Most of my work so far has a funny child-like feel to it. The two story animations I did shows that. The first one I did with the Hammer, Nails, and the Picture Frame. And the other with a Pencil. also so far my animations have me using objects that do not have life and animating them. The colors use are plain or smooth and not very realistic but gets the point across. The other animation with the machine looks more realistic than the other two animation. And the one with the robot shows that I can animate robots. The pencil animation is my first attempt at widescreen (16:9) format all the other animations are in the fullscreen (4:3) format. I personally like the widescreen format over the fullscreen format, so I might redo all my animation using the widescreen format and rendering it at HD quality in stead of SD quality.


Since I'm a 3D animator most of the work has to be view on a screen to experience it. I do not know why I did not think of this before but I can show my 3D animation in several ways like behind the scene screenshots or videos of how things were done. Images of the storyboard used for the animation (I tend to add/change things from the first storyboard.) Detail shots of the models used. Like in class when I show the 3D model of the future car. The project required a view of the outside of the car not the inside but I model part of the inside but did not add textures to it. Also the video was not very high quality so making it big did not show the level of detail on the car, so close up shot would have help it. I can also re-render the same turnaround video at a much higher quality setting so the details can be seen. and I can also do an animated camera showing the details around the car with closeups and wideshots. (If I did not have so much to read and do for homework I would probably have done this already.)
I can make promotional/film posters for my animations and maybe dvd covers. But since I do not have the time currently I only have the final piece that was required for the project.


These are all my videos so far. I have more stuff but they are not animated or in video format.

Future Car Model Turnaround from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Story Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Snap -3D Animation- Version 1 from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Machine Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Robot Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Walk Cycle Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

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