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Blog Post for DMA250 (For 4/2/2009) Color Comps

I hope I did this right.
The background image was made in Maya. Text and Screen Texture was added in Photoshop.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/31/2009) Web WireFrame

I have decided when doing this wireframe to place my name next to the buttons instead of the top. Overall its the same layout as my schematic but in a more grid like placing. I'm think I will be using the 1024x768 size.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/26/2009) Finalize Desgin Specs

The Fonts I have chosen are...
Body Font: Verdana
Name at top font: Xtrusion BRK
Button font: Impact

The color scheme I will be going with is Black, Grey and Blue scheme where the blues are not too saturated. I do not like looking at bright colors so that is the reason I chosen those colors and black and blue are some of my favorite colors.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/10/2009) Organize Content

Some of the things below are missing a few projects and description. I currently do not have the time to do this right now and will update over spring break.

Under the 3D Artwork - 3D Animation tab

Title: Snap (2009)
Objective: To create a short story with the character showing emotion.
Programs: Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3

Title: Picture Down! (2008)
Objective: To create a short story with everyday objects as characters.
Programs: Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3

Title: Machine Animation (2008)
Objective: To show ability to animated machinery.
Programs: Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3

Title: Robot Animation (2008)
Objective: Animate a rigged robot to show realistic emotion.
Programs: Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3

Title: Walk Cycle Animation (2008)
Objective: To show ability to do a walk cycle and secondary motion.
Programs: Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3

Title: Future Car Model Turnaround (2008)
Objective: To show ability to create high poly model.
Programs: Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3

Under the 3D Artwork - 3D Model tab
I have to do this one later. Will update over spring break.

Under the 2D Artwork - 2D Animation

Title: Dreaming Cat Worker (2007)
Objective: To animate a self drawn character using the tools in photoshop.
Programs: Photoshop CS3

Under the 2D Artwork - 2D Design
I have to do this one later. Will update over spring break.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/12/2009) Redone Sitemap, Schematic, and Look & Feel

Redone Sitemap


Grid / layout

Concept: 3D room with multiple TVs connected to each other where the content will appear.
Pagesize: ? (Dunno what size to do)
Main text: Verdana

Look & Feel: Since I am going to model the room and the TVs it should say 3D model artist. I am going to try to have 3D deep with the layout.
Colors: I'm thinking of using a grayscale scheme with one color.
Line weight: ?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/5/2009 & 3/10/2009) Must Have Elements, 5 Concepts, Final Concept Choice, Design & Sitemap

The must have elements in my portfolio are:

Contact (A must have, how do you expect them to contact you.)
Resume (To display your qualifications, education and experiences.)
Portfolio (To display your best work and highlight your skills. To show that you have the knowledge to do the job.)
-3D Art
(My main category for my work.)
-3D Stills (My sub category for my work dealing with render still images of models with detail shots and progress shots.)
-3D Animation (My sub category for my work dealing with animated videos.)
-2D Art (My main category for my work dealing with 2D art that is related to the 3D art like sketches.)
Bio (Not really needed but to give the reader a little info about yourself.)

Five concepts for your portfolio:

1. TV screen or portable device
I like the layout of which looks like a portable media player. It uses flash intensely and needs a good computer to view it. He is a 3D artist. (I want to do something similar but I do not know how to do something like that but if I did I would do my portfolio like that.)
2. 3D World or Room
I was thinking of doing a 3D area where things in the area will go to the separate parts of my portfolio. (I like this concept but this will require flash knowledge which I do not have.)
3. Fun & Interactive
Something similar to this site but with 3D animations
4. Simple
This 3D artist uses a simple portfolio site and was easy to find his demo reel / contact and gallery.
5. A combination of concepts 1-4
I like parts of all the concepts I said already but it would required a flash site to do the way I am visioning it and I have not touch flash in years and forgot how to do stuff in it. I open flash CS4 and notice it looks different from when I used it with new tools. It looks like to get what I want to do I have to get a book on flash and learn to use it but I barely have time to do all my homework so I won't have time to read any book.

Final Choice

It looks like I have to focus on a site that I will be able to do with the website knowledge I have which would have to be concept 4 Simple. But I really want to do the combination of all the concepts, looks like I have to that one in the future when I know how to do it.

The site would have a simple navigation bar on the top and everything underneath it. The colors would have to be black for the background and shades of gray or blue. The site navigation bar would have links to Resume/contact, 3D art, 2D art, Bio, and Demo reel. I think I am going to do a site similar to the site posted in concept 4 but with a couple of changes.

1. Group: my work is going to be grouped by 3D art and 2D art with each have sub categories.
2. Map: look at site map below
3. Schematic: will have to do later
4. Look-and-feel: since I have limited website knowledge it the site is going to be simple.

Site Map

Home -with Bio and demo reel.
Resume/contact pdf and web version of resume and contact info.
3D art
-3D animation (thumbnails of projects)
--Project with images, video and description
---Description would include: When it was made, Title, a short description of the project, and what programs were used.
-3D stills
--Project with images and description
---Description would include: When it was made, Title, a short description of the project, and what programs were used.
2D art
-2D animation (to be added when I have some but will leave out for now)
-2D stills
--Project with images and description
---Description would include: When it was made, Title, a short description of the project, and what programs were used.

End note: It looks like for a 3D model/animator a site using flash is the perfect choice but with my limited website knowledge is forcing me to do a simple html site. And I currently have no time to learn flash. I'm starting to hate the word think critically in every assignment description. It is hard to think critically when I have so much homework to do with not a lot of time to actually think critically, most of the time I have to do this really fast so I can do the next homework.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/3/2009) Caption for a work

Future Car Model Turnaround from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Title: Future Car Model (2008)
To model a realistic car, something futuristic using current cars and adding my own spin to it. Polygonal modeling from a box to show box modeling skills.
Model in:
Maya 2008
Texture in:
Photoshop CS3

The above is an updated shorten version of the text below; taking out unneeded text. Done after the critique in class.


  • Model a realistic car, something from the future.
  • The car was model from a box; using only polygonal modeling.
  • The car was later used in a scene of another project. It was parked in front of a store.
  • Most look realistic, using high polygons.
  • Can use real cars as reference but must be change to not look like the original too much.
  • Use chrome paint.
  • Use bump maps on the tire.
  • The final render must show the whole car.
  • Render with a 640x480 resolution.
  • Use the provided HDRI image (Use for lighting.)
Additional Bonus But Were Not Required:
  • Render a 3D turnaround that is 30 seconds.
  • Transparent windows.
  • Model the interior (Used low poly since it was not going to be seen but needed because of the transparent windows).
  • Use textures on several parts of the car but are not noticeable.
  • I Added fire particles to make it look like its flying.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 3/3/2009) Resume Revised Draft

I added the text from a previous post on a resume layout. I think the fonts need a little work. As for the logo I might change it. I do not know exactly what to put under profile yet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/26/2009) Work, Kuler Color & Organize Categories

I think I will use a brown or blue color palette since that is the color that appears the most but i think I will go with a more neutral color that is not hard on the eyes. The one with the green is weird since the only place that green appear in that image is small. It seems I use brown several times. Over all I like to keep the background color to a minimum like shades of gray or shades of blue.

I posted this in a previous post. The work I will have in my portfolio. I have more stuff but they are not animated or in video format and will have to choose which one represents my work at its best (If I wasn't swap with homework I would have been doing this.) As for the naming convention I'm not to sure how you want us to do this but I have my own naming convention so I know where everything is but I have to maybe create a copy so that it would be easier for adding to a portfolio.
I was thinking of having a 3D art and 2D art section on my portfolio site and sub categories like 3D stills, 3D animation, etc. I can already picture how it will function but I need to think of the layout.


Future Car Model Turnaround from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Story Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Snap -3D Animation- Version 1 from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Machine Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Robot Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Walk Cycle Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/24/2009) Various Formats

Various formats I would need to use for my portfolio in order from the most needed to the least need.

Personal Website: I think this is a must for any artist who wants exposure and to find a job. Since more and more people are going to the internet to find what they need. And viewing a website is easier and faster then going trough a handmade portfolio that can be badly formatted. The site can express a person's personality with color and font choice. The site can be interactive yet informative.

DVD: This would be the best format for me to take my portfolio around and show to people since I'm a 3D animator and DVDs are perfect for showing the animation. It can also have slide shows and or videos of behind the scene work. DVDs are easy to create and make duplicates of and DVDs are getting cheaper and contains enough space for the work.

CD: Another option from DVDs but contains less space, so high quality video cannot be in there and also CD would not work on DVD players unless formatted in a way to work with them. CD are mainly use for showing another person a couple of works as a sample were as the DVD can show the same thing but at a much higher quality.

Email: A quick but less professional way of showing someone their portfolio. There is a downside to using emails, most email services would not let you send large attachments so if your sending a pdf with all your work, we would have to send a copy with a low quality setting just so we can send it. It would be pixelated and it would not express the work very well when text on images becomes very blurred. Another is the person your emailing might have your email marked as spam and you will not know that it was marked as spam.

Laptop: A good way to show other people their work but if showing multiple people, looking at a small screen can make it hard for some to see at a distance. By having a laptop you can show the original files used to create the work, like in photoshop showing all the layers used, or in Maya showing the 3D models/animation. It is also possible to connect the laptop to a projector to show a presentation or show their work inside and out but this will only work if they have a projector ready to be use. Carrying a laptop around might be a bit heavy when you have to carry all the equipment needed to show the work. A good thing about laptops is that you do not have to rely on the person your showing the work to to have the required programs.

Mini CD: I have never seen this media being applied in many things. The only one I know that used it was Nintendo when the Nintendo GameCube was out, the system did not have a full size CD reader and required the used of mini CDs. Mini CDs is double the disc space of a CD at a smaller physical size. The downside is that not every player can play it. DVDs are better since it is the same physical size as a CD but contains more disc space.

Zip Disks: I have never seen anyone using a zip disk. And I find using USB flash drive or external hard drive better but your not going to give a client your USB flash drive so a DVD is much more practical.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/19/2009) Unifying Element & Documentation


The unifying element I see in my work is that I have stuff using different mediums. But that is because of the way DMA major is design. Since I'm a 3D animator, I'm focusing on 3D animation and the things involved with it. 3D modeling, texturing, animating, storyboards, and audio. Most of my work so far has a funny child-like feel to it. The two story animations I did shows that. The first one I did with the Hammer, Nails, and the Picture Frame. And the other with a Pencil. also so far my animations have me using objects that do not have life and animating them. The colors use are plain or smooth and not very realistic but gets the point across. The other animation with the machine looks more realistic than the other two animation. And the one with the robot shows that I can animate robots. The pencil animation is my first attempt at widescreen (16:9) format all the other animations are in the fullscreen (4:3) format. I personally like the widescreen format over the fullscreen format, so I might redo all my animation using the widescreen format and rendering it at HD quality in stead of SD quality.


Since I'm a 3D animator most of the work has to be view on a screen to experience it. I do not know why I did not think of this before but I can show my 3D animation in several ways like behind the scene screenshots or videos of how things were done. Images of the storyboard used for the animation (I tend to add/change things from the first storyboard.) Detail shots of the models used. Like in class when I show the 3D model of the future car. The project required a view of the outside of the car not the inside but I model part of the inside but did not add textures to it. Also the video was not very high quality so making it big did not show the level of detail on the car, so close up shot would have help it. I can also re-render the same turnaround video at a much higher quality setting so the details can be seen. and I can also do an animated camera showing the details around the car with closeups and wideshots. (If I did not have so much to read and do for homework I would probably have done this already.)
I can make promotional/film posters for my animations and maybe dvd covers. But since I do not have the time currently I only have the final piece that was required for the project.


These are all my videos so far. I have more stuff but they are not animated or in video format.

Future Car Model Turnaround from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Story Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Snap -3D Animation- Version 1 from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Machine Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Robot Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Walk Cycle Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Video Added - My Latest Animation

My latest Animation. I did this for my animation 2 class. This was due 2/18/09. There are things I need to fix so I'll have to do that when I have time. The thing I have to fix is mostly the way the pencil jumps and reacts when the book falls on the sharpener.

For some reason it plays weird so let it load first then play it and also watch it at youtube since the video player is bigger or on vimeo.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/19/2009) Self-Assessment Checklist from Page 23

Strengths and weaknesses

1. Education experience in mu profession:
  • Self-taught
  • credit classes

2. Educational experience in a related or supporting profession
  • Painting, drawing, or other art fundamentals
  • Video and/or animation
  • Typography (I know it but not so much)
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • 3D modeling or rendering
  • Graphic design

3. Work experience within a related or supporting profession
  • Video and/or animation

4. I have software training in
  • Photoshop and related imaging software
  • 2D illustration program
  • Web design software
  • 3D or animation programs
  • Video software

5. Exclusive of school, I have been working in my chosen profession for:
(Don't count time spent unemployed if you didn't freelance at least part-time.)
  • < 1 year (no work experience besides school work.)
6. Rate your skills (not your raw talent) in your primary area:
  • Better than average (or Better than most)


7. Why am I making a digital portfolio?
  • Required for school
  • Need the experience
  • Unemployed, looking for a job
  • Professional project record

8. If your portfolio needs are job-related, check the statements that apply to you:
  • I'll take any job I can get in my profession

9. If your portfolio needs are client-related, check the statements that apply to you:
  • n/a


10. How do you like to work?
  • Doesn't matter

11. What's your preferred working environment?
  • I can work anywhere

12. Select the statement that fits you best:
  • I will take jobs from any paying client.


13. Check the words that best describe the work you've done. Choose no more than 5 from the list.
  • Personal
  • Funny
  • Challenging
  • Organized
  • Emotional

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There Will Be Brawl

Nintendo characters like you never seen them before. The Dark side to the Mushroom Kingdom. Base on characters that are in the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii. I thought this was made really well can't wait for the next episode.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/17/2009) Skills for creating a Digital Portfolio

"Think critically about your skills. What do you know how to do that will help you create your digital portfolio. Post about these skills and how you see yourself utilizing them in the creating your portfolio."

I can edit video with adobe after effects. I can do 3d modeling and animation with maya. I know very little html and css coding with adobe dreamweaver. I can take digital photographs. I can draw. I can create graphics and manipulate photos with adobe photoshop. I'm not sure on what you mean by utilizing them in creating a digital portfolio but most of the work I've done can be added to my digital portfolio, with images and videos of all my work.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/17/2009) Industry Portfolios Trend

I search for 3d artist portfolios. The Sites I checked were mixed, some had flash, some were HTML. The one thing I notice is that some of the artist said that they cannot show some of their work is due to a non-disclosure agreement. Since a lot of 3d modeling and animations are made for movies, games, and other things, people don't want other people to know about it until it done. this reminded me of a post on a gaming site that posted 3d models of an upcoming game and in less than 24 hours the site took it down because they were told to by the company making the game. Like most portfolio site it includes their resume and their work. I found these 3d artist portfolio site. Also most of the 3D artist I found did work in 2d and some did programming.

Portfolio Sites: Some of the ones I found. flash portfolio html portfolio html portfolio html portfolio html portfolio flash portfolio (I like this one but was hard to read, really small font. I like the 3d animation, it reminded me of the video game "Worms.")

Trends list:
  • A page for Resume.
  • Have a color scheme that don't uses opposite colors.
  • Have work grouped by type.
  • Add description for what the work was for and when it was made.
  • Have multiple images for each work (some site only had one image for their 3d work instead of multiple angles shots.)
  • Videos in their own page or with their related still image.
  • All images should have a thumbnail view and a zoom in view.
Some in the trend list I added because I feel that this will make the site better. Most galleries had only one shot of their 3d model and it was a terrible angle and would benefit from having multiple angles. Some of the images were small even the enlarge version were still small. Most had their work grouped by type like 3d art, 2d art, etc.

Note: I added the sites to a link list instead of a blog roll because blog roll was searching for rss feeds and the site didn't have one.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/12/2009) Font Family & Concept Designs (WIP)

I cannot remember what font I chose for this one.

I tried doing one with fonts I found on 1001freefonts.

As for the concept sketches I cannot think of anything that has my name in it. Since I'm a 3D modeler/animator I was thinking to do something related but not sure how I would do that. I thought of using wireframe but not sure what the design would be.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/12/2009) Vimeo Video

3D Animation from Jody Cochran on Vimeo.

I like the level of detail Jody did. The house looks so realistic. It must have taken a long time to do. I cannot say anything bad about it it is that good. I want to be at that level of detail. I have much to work on to be as good as that. While there is nothing moving, the house design is amazing. For me Background is important because it tells why a character is there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/12/2009) To work on

This is my animation 1 final. I liked how it came out considering the time I had but I wish I could have fix some of the animation to make it more realistic. Some of the character jumps to me felt weird and needed fixing but I did not have the time to do it. also some 3d models were really simple like the light switch. Some of the textures need some work. Also I did this entire animation to be 30 seconds but when I played it it was too fast so I had to extend it to a minute. I have to improve my timing in animation. Another thing is the trash can in the back suppose to have transparency where the black is but it did not work. I figure out why it did not work after I have rendered it and did not have the time to rerender it. The story came out exactly how I planned it but i wish I had voice-over work instead of text because the text appears fast. While I think this animation needs work to bring it up to par the reason it was below par was due to time.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/12/2009) My 3D Models & Animation Videos

I've uploaded my 3d models & animation videos to both vimeo and youtube. I notice the video quality is better on youtube than vimeo.

I'll add photos to flickr later. I have to figure out which ones I should upload since some of them I think are very weak.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3D future car

3D modeling 2 project. I think this one is one of my best 3D models.
I've uploaded a few of my animations to youtube.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/10/2009) Brand Identity

Write the first 5 things that come to your mind for each topic:

List 5 things that you love to do: Play video games, watch anime and tv shows, read manga and books, browse the internet, listening to music, and drawing.
List 5 things that you hate to do: Writing research papers, homework that takes too long to do, watching bad tv shows, waking up early, being late.
List 5 things you are proud of in your life
: Being where I am today, being creative, my art, finding something I enjoy doing, my grades.
List 5 things you are good at: Playing video games, working in maya, working in photoshop, drawing, origami.
List 5 things that make you unique: Quiet but a hard worker, there is pretty much nothing people can to bother me, a quick learner, respect others.
List 5 adjectives that describe you
: Quiet, friendly, reliable, determined, trusting.

Next, think about your work.

List 5 adjectives that describe your work: time consuming, entertaining, fun, interesting, artistic.
List 5 topics your work deals with: One word "everything"
List the media you use in your work
: Maya, Photoshop, paper and pencil,
List the colors that you use most often
: Black & white, blue, red, yellow, green.
List 5 emotions your work conjures:
happy, exciting, confused, sad, wtf.
List the titles of the work you would like to highlight, if you don't have titles, come up with them now
: cannot do this one...

Lastly, think about the job you eventually would like to have.

List 5 adjectives to describe the kind of company you'll work for: Creative, positive, interesting, fun and exciting.
List 5 adjectives to describe the kind of boss you'd like to have: Fair, open-minded, creative, kind but serious, knowledgeable.
List 5 things you will have to do for your job: 3D modeling, animation, design, texturing, attend meetings.
List 5 words describing your industry: Hard, demanding, fun, entertaining, artistic, engaging.
List the reasons your job exists: To entertain, to inform, advancing technologies in entertainment.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/5/2009) High-Level job O.o THQ requirements are extreme!

I posted this on 2/3/09 and its a high-level job

While I was searching for 3d animation jobs I came across this job at THQ a game company. The requirement are extreme and there is no way I'll ever be able to work for them for a long time :(.
Here the link to the job. I guess top game companies has really high standards.

Job for an animation director

•Minimum 5 years of videogame animation and 8 years professional animation experience
•Traditional animation background, with an emphasis on realistic human motion
•Highly experienced and knowledgeable in animation technology and creating new animation pipelines
•The ability to effectively communicate, both creatively and technically
•Experienced with 3D Studio Max, Character Studio and Bipeds
•Experience with motion capture, including directing, cleanup, retargeting, and preparation for game integration
•Thorough knowledge of Character rigging
•Organized, detail oriented, and experienced with managing large projects and teams
•An effective Team leader with a strong sense of responsibility
•Motivated with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and self direct them to completion
•Strong understanding of game design and how it translates to character movement
•Shipped at least 3 game titles
•Available to travel regularly to Asia

•Previous videogame experience in a director role
•Animation experience on a AAA game title
•Fighting game experience a plus
•Familiar with other animation packages such as Maya and Motion Builder
•Solid knowledge of 3D modeling process
•Familiar with Japanese language and culture
•Wrestling Fan
•Sense of humor

I've found a good site for game jobs. Here.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/5/2009) Draft Resume and my work

Not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes.

  • 2006-Present Mercer County Community College - Digital Media Art Major with concentration of 3D animation.
  • 2002-2006 Trenton Central High School

  • Adobe Photoshop - High-level knowledge. Have been using Photoshop for years and is the program I'm most familiar with. I can create animation, logos, photo manipulation, posters, etc.
  • Adobe After Effects - Mid-level knowledge. I can edit video, add text, audio effects, and SFX.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver - Low-mid-level knowledge. I can create simple website, some knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  • Adobe Illustrator - Low-level knowledge. I have the basic knowledge of how to use this program.
  • Adobe Flash - Low-level knowledge. I have the basic knowledge of how to use this program.
  • Maya - Mid-high-level knowledge. Have been using Maya for a while now and is the 2nd program I'm familiar with. I can create scenery, models, and animation.
  • Final Cut Pro - Mid-level knowledge. I can edit video, add text, audio effects, and SFX.
  • Microsoft Word - Mid-level knowledge.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - Low-level knowledge.
  • Microsoft Visual Studios - Low-level knowledge. Currently learning visual basic.
note: I have access to other Adobe and Microsoft products and is willing to learn them if required.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Camera (Photography)
  • Video Camera (Filming)

Work Experience:
  • Internship? 2005-2006 Trenton Central High School - TV Production - Worked mainly as audio mixer and graphic designer but did several other jobs that needed an extra hand.

Most of my work has been for school. I have everything saved to a external hard drive. Some things I do not have digital copies of and will have to take photos of them in the future. I have hand drawn art of characters that can be used for animation. I have done storyboards. I have 3D animations and 3D models of characters, buildings, and vehicles.
Things I can further improve on is my animation skills no matter how good you are there is no perfect animation only getting the animation smoother to look more realistic. My 3D models, mostly the time to create them, I need to speed it up a bit. Another is creating texture for the 3D models. I have to work more on that to make the textures look more believable. There are a lot of things I can work on and I'm doing so a few at a time.

Only 6 followers and random rant

I notice that the MCCC DMA 250 blog has about 28 followers and out of those people only 6 are following my blog. :(

...just felt i should post that... I have a terrible headache, not getting enough sleep lately, doing homework is really tiring. I wrote 3 one-to-two page essays after reading 30+ pages of my IST102 class book. Studying Japanese and trying to post in my blog before class. The one thing i can take out of this is time mangement and work load. I have much to do with little time and I somehow manage to get it down on time.

...黒猫 says nya!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 Official Super Bowl Commercial 2009

Just felt like sharing it.

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/3/2009) Entry level job, its requirements and my job experience

I have found some entry level jobs for 3D animation at
Many obviously required for 3D animation the basic knowledge of 3D modeling with 3D programs like Maya or 3D Studio Max. Character rigging for animation. Knowledge of how things move for when animating (like a walk cycle). Most requires at least 1 year experience doing some form of 3D modeling and animation. Some jobs list Photoshop as a bonus skill (used for creating textures.) Some list working well with others. Some entry level jobs only last for a few months since it is for a one time project. Some jobs required that you show some of your work to show that you can use the programs and to show what level your at. Most of the jobs are located in CA or NY while some are in other places.
these are a bunch of requirement from different jobs which repeats from job to job but with some or all from the list.

More jobs for animation but most requires some work experience. Here. seems to be a great site for jobs in the 3D games field but most jobs required years of work experience with other companies.

I notice finding jobs for a 3D artist is hard and the ones I find requires work experience.
As I was searching I tried a search for Graphic Designers and they have more entry level jobs than 3D Artists do. :( Good thing I know photoshop so I might have to get a job in Graphic Design while looking for a job as a 3D artist. It looks like many jobs are looking for Graphic Designers than 3D artists and I can see why since there aren't that many 3D studios besides the big name ones and Graphic designers can create art for small shops and companies while 3d artist have to work for a company that does 3d.

As for my job experience I have none. Most of my day has been spent at school and when I'm at home I'm either doing homework for hours or doing one of my hobbies which I barely have time for. After high school I went straight to college and it has been taking up most of my day. If I had a job at anytime during my time at college I would have handed in alot of school work late. I wish I had some time to work and since I do not work I barely have any money for things but the wonders of the internet helps me find things for free (*cough* like Maya 2009 or Adobe CS4 master collection and games amoung many other digital things *cough*). *nervous look* *torrents are a pirate's best friend*

The only work experience I can think of was my TV Studios class in High School. I was working as the audio level mixer and graphics design most of the time in that class. I remember the class assign me to the many jobs required for TV production. I remember the teacher liking me since I was able to do all the jobs very well except for being in front of the camera since I speak with a low voice. He told me that I work well behind the scenes.
That is the only work experience I can think of right now. I can think of other things I have done but I do not know if that counts as work experience/volunteer work.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 1/29/2009) Technology & Career search

Many programs are used in animation.
For 3D animation Maya, 3d Max, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, FinalCut Pro, Premiere and other editing software.
For 2D animation Adobe Photoshop, Maya for effects, After Effects, Premiere, FinalCut Pro and other editing software.
Other programs are used like audio editing software. I mostly want to focus on 3D and 2D art and animation.

Searched for 3D animation site is in flash under company > career. listing was simple looking. A few things I didn't like was that you had to send a email to the job offer, there was no apply to job button and that most job tiltles didn't say what exactly they're looking for. listings was better for me compare to craigslist. I got more search results with this one maybe because it searches other search job sites.

*falls asleep to tired to type*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DMA250 Class Assignment 1/27/09 Job companies

Animation Companies link on the left "Openings" link under career opportunities "career listings"

Game Companies with animation / 3D modeling
Ubisoft games

I do not know other companies to search for. Will add some more when I find them.

DMA250 Class Assignment 1/27/09 Questions about me

What software do you know?
I know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Maya, AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro. I know some things on Adobe Flash. I have Adobe CS4 master collection so I can learn any programs in that suite when I have the time to learn them. I also have Microsoft Visual Studio suite but I don't know how to code yet, currently taking a class on visual basic.

What creative skills and talents do you have?
I can draw pretty well but I like to draw with a more cartoony style like anime/manga. I can do origami and I've done 3D papercrafts.

What are your favorite things?

My favorite things are video games, anime, manga, drawing, music, tv shows, movies, animations. Pretty much anything that can be drawn first and then change to some media.

What are you interested in?

I'm interested in gaming and asian related media like anime and manga, all forms of animation.

What are you passionate about?

Learning Japanese, art and one day creating my own animated series and games.

What do you HATE, can't stand or despise?
I'm a very positive person but I hate religous people pushing their believe on me. Other then that alot of things don't bother me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 1/27/2009) Career search

The career I want has to be 3D animation because I like to see my characters come to life. Even though I like 2D animation I prefer 3D animation because I found it easier to animate. I have also seen 3D shorts that were really good which also inspire me to become a 3D animator. I also like to create characters on paper which hopefully I will create 3D models of and one day animate them. So I want to have a career in creating 3D models/animating for film or games.

I had a hard time finding the job I wanted. I tried searching with keywords of "3D animation" "3D model" "3D artist" and all gives me mixed results. I finally found many jobs when I search for "3D games" with some that has to do with 3D animation but most was for game programming. I was using and Both sites were easy to navigate and i like how the job link at had a rollover that pops up with a more detail job description. most of the jobs were located in CA or NY. I wish I knew the exact title of the job I wanted so I can find it more easier.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 1/22/2009) Book price search

Using Google's product search the book Designing a Digital Portfolio is the cheapest at from that search but has it a few cents cheaper and I trust more than the other site. price is $26.40 compare to the listing price of $40.00. The other sites list it at a cheaper price but I don't trust those sites and they didn't say what the total would be with shipping.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, October 17th)

The website ( uses type to communicate their message by using them in different sizes. The font is a San-serifs and looks like Arial, I can tell because of its boldness and tightness of the font and since it's one of the default fonts. The site mostly use Arial, the only part that has a different font is the logo, and this "waterproof" word thats pointing at the boot which helps give the watery feel.

Choose a website that you feel uses type to communicate their message.
Describe the role of each typeface in constructing that message.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, October 10th)

The website ( is grouped well. Everything has a border to show that that section belongs together. The site is made up of dark blue, orange, and yellow. The main hue is dark blue. The website is successful because once you go there you see the current news and as you scroll down on the homepage you see other related news. I personally don't go to this site because their news is not what i'm looking for, I go to more than The one thing that I feel makes the site unsuccessful would be that the site can be a bit crowded even with the grouping.

Choose a website that has a homepage that you think is interesting.
Describe the qualities that you feel make it successful or unsuccessful.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, October 3rd)

The website ( is grouped well in fact it's almost the same layout I was picturing during the class challenge, but Daisy's Mays did what exactly the things my team was missing. The site's layout with the logo on the top left, the navigation bar under the logo to the left, under the logo is the address & times & phone. Next to the logo is a quote, and under it is the news and other info. My opinion is that the site used grouping well since I came up with almost the same layout. It also uses alignment well. The amount of alignment and grouping impact on the message of the site is that it's a simple BBQ restaurant. The colors on the site are patriotic, it has red, white and blue, and brown for the wood (making it feel like BBQ-ish.)

Does this site use grouping well?
Does this site use alignment well?
How does amount of alignment and grouping impact the message of this site?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, September 26th)

The purpose of this website ( is to promote the restaurant, provide info on the restaurant, and what they serve. The message of this website is Classy and organic. The site has a monochromatic theme which uses only black and white. The background is close to a shade of black. The site is mostly depending on the imagery to lure people and to make the site exciting. I got the message mostly from the imagery because everything else is just too plain.

What is the purpose of this website?
What is the message of this website?
Do the photographs used in this website support these goals & messages?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, September 19th)

The imagery of the website ( has change over the years and the overall message of the page change too. In 1999 the website has a childish friendly feel to the imagery. She used very saturated colors (yellow and blue.) The site is also has a simple layout. In 2002 the website has a more wild side to it, more of a caution (lookout) feel to it. She used very saturated color (mostly orange.) The imagery has this TV-line thing in them and are also organge. I couldn't view the 2006 page, for some reason the page wouldn't load.

Compare the images that the website uses in 1999, 2002 & 2006.
How does the subject of the imagery change?
How does the form of the imagery change (frame, line, shape, texture)?
Does the imagery support the changing message of the website?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, September 12th)

The dominant hue of the website ( is a dark redish-brown. The color scheme is Monochromatic, everything in the site has this dark redish color. The colors are not saturated since there dark. The colors are mostly shades. The dark redish color is telling me base on how the entire site looks that she's a glamor girl (old fashion style.) She's high class and a showgirl. With all the imagery its even easier to identify the celebrity. Alone with just the dark redish-brown color I would have said bloody, or old.

What is the dominant hue of the website you picked?
What is the color scheme?
Are the colors saturated?
Are the colors mostly tints or shades?
How well do these choice express the identity of this celebrity?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, September 5th)

The three messages I identify in the website ( are Girly, Music, PopRock. The elements that help communicate these messages are the pinkish purple color for girly. On the front page theres a video when clicked plays a music video that she has done. and PopRock from listen to the music video and looking at her songs (but I know what genre she does since I have all her albums). The layout I've seen before, theres a banner with links below it to other areas of the site. Three columns are mainly use throughout the site. On the front page the three columns are from the left one has current news, the middle with the music video, and the right with a poll, whos online, and a register now to be a member of the fan club.

Identify three messages in the website you picked.
Which elements help to communicate these messages? (type, color, imagery)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blog Post for WebSite Design (Wed, August 29th)

The purpose of this page of the website ( is a blog entry informing her fans of whats currently going on, how she feels and her thoughts. Personally I wouldn't really go to this website mainly because I don't follow any celebrities. I don't really care what they're doing everyday. Also because she plays a sport I'm not into. I actually don't follow any sports. I know some of the rules of the sports, so I can play the video game version of the sport but I wouldn't play the sport physically, I don't like running.

What is the purpose of this website?
Would you visit this website? Why or why not?