Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/26/2009) Work, Kuler Color & Organize Categories

I think I will use a brown or blue color palette since that is the color that appears the most but i think I will go with a more neutral color that is not hard on the eyes. The one with the green is weird since the only place that green appear in that image is small. It seems I use brown several times. Over all I like to keep the background color to a minimum like shades of gray or shades of blue.

I posted this in a previous post. The work I will have in my portfolio. I have more stuff but they are not animated or in video format and will have to choose which one represents my work at its best (If I wasn't swap with homework I would have been doing this.) As for the naming convention I'm not to sure how you want us to do this but I have my own naming convention so I know where everything is but I have to maybe create a copy so that it would be easier for adding to a portfolio.
I was thinking of having a 3D art and 2D art section on my portfolio site and sub categories like 3D stills, 3D animation, etc. I can already picture how it will function but I need to think of the layout.


Future Car Model Turnaround from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Story Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Snap -3D Animation- Version 1 from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Machine Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Robot Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

Walk Cycle Animation from Omar Farahat on Vimeo.

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