Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/19/2009) Self-Assessment Checklist from Page 23

Strengths and weaknesses

1. Education experience in mu profession:
  • Self-taught
  • credit classes

2. Educational experience in a related or supporting profession
  • Painting, drawing, or other art fundamentals
  • Video and/or animation
  • Typography (I know it but not so much)
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • 3D modeling or rendering
  • Graphic design

3. Work experience within a related or supporting profession
  • Video and/or animation

4. I have software training in
  • Photoshop and related imaging software
  • 2D illustration program
  • Web design software
  • 3D or animation programs
  • Video software

5. Exclusive of school, I have been working in my chosen profession for:
(Don't count time spent unemployed if you didn't freelance at least part-time.)
  • < 1 year (no work experience besides school work.)
6. Rate your skills (not your raw talent) in your primary area:
  • Better than average (or Better than most)


7. Why am I making a digital portfolio?
  • Required for school
  • Need the experience
  • Unemployed, looking for a job
  • Professional project record

8. If your portfolio needs are job-related, check the statements that apply to you:
  • I'll take any job I can get in my profession

9. If your portfolio needs are client-related, check the statements that apply to you:
  • n/a


10. How do you like to work?
  • Doesn't matter

11. What's your preferred working environment?
  • I can work anywhere

12. Select the statement that fits you best:
  • I will take jobs from any paying client.


13. Check the words that best describe the work you've done. Choose no more than 5 from the list.
  • Personal
  • Funny
  • Challenging
  • Organized
  • Emotional

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