Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/12/2009) To work on

This is my animation 1 final. I liked how it came out considering the time I had but I wish I could have fix some of the animation to make it more realistic. Some of the character jumps to me felt weird and needed fixing but I did not have the time to do it. also some 3d models were really simple like the light switch. Some of the textures need some work. Also I did this entire animation to be 30 seconds but when I played it it was too fast so I had to extend it to a minute. I have to improve my timing in animation. Another thing is the trash can in the back suppose to have transparency where the black is but it did not work. I figure out why it did not work after I have rendered it and did not have the time to rerender it. The story came out exactly how I planned it but i wish I had voice-over work instead of text because the text appears fast. While I think this animation needs work to bring it up to par the reason it was below par was due to time.

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Dovely said...

Did you put the text in afterwards with something like Final Cut Pro?

If so ... I would really think about treating the text differently. Either use chat bubbles, or have the text appear in typewriter fashion.

Also! Major concern!!! Pay attention to your font choices!! If they are "talking" through their font, the fonts need to visually represent their personality and voice.

If you can't do full voice overs, consider just adding Charlie Brown type voices. Meaning - don't have the voices say actual words, let the text do that, but rather have them vocalize as if they were actually saying something. This way, you inform more about who these characters are and what their personality is like. It will also suggest that they are maybe talking in their own language and the text is acting as a subtitle.

This is a great first animation project! I would love to see more of your animation work! (If you haven't done any more, you need to get working!!!).