Monday, February 09, 2009

Blog Post for DMA250 (For 2/10/2009) Brand Identity

Write the first 5 things that come to your mind for each topic:

List 5 things that you love to do: Play video games, watch anime and tv shows, read manga and books, browse the internet, listening to music, and drawing.
List 5 things that you hate to do: Writing research papers, homework that takes too long to do, watching bad tv shows, waking up early, being late.
List 5 things you are proud of in your life
: Being where I am today, being creative, my art, finding something I enjoy doing, my grades.
List 5 things you are good at: Playing video games, working in maya, working in photoshop, drawing, origami.
List 5 things that make you unique: Quiet but a hard worker, there is pretty much nothing people can to bother me, a quick learner, respect others.
List 5 adjectives that describe you
: Quiet, friendly, reliable, determined, trusting.

Next, think about your work.

List 5 adjectives that describe your work: time consuming, entertaining, fun, interesting, artistic.
List 5 topics your work deals with: One word "everything"
List the media you use in your work
: Maya, Photoshop, paper and pencil,
List the colors that you use most often
: Black & white, blue, red, yellow, green.
List 5 emotions your work conjures:
happy, exciting, confused, sad, wtf.
List the titles of the work you would like to highlight, if you don't have titles, come up with them now
: cannot do this one...

Lastly, think about the job you eventually would like to have.

List 5 adjectives to describe the kind of company you'll work for: Creative, positive, interesting, fun and exciting.
List 5 adjectives to describe the kind of boss you'd like to have: Fair, open-minded, creative, kind but serious, knowledgeable.
List 5 things you will have to do for your job: 3D modeling, animation, design, texturing, attend meetings.
List 5 words describing your industry: Hard, demanding, fun, entertaining, artistic, engaging.
List the reasons your job exists: To entertain, to inform, advancing technologies in entertainment.

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